100% Renewable UK

The aim of 100% Renewable UK is to campaign for the provision of all UK’s energy requirements by renewable energy by the year 2050, or as soon as practicable before then. This means all energy, not just electricity, and includes energy for domestic, commercial, industrial and transport purposes. This implicitly excludes nuclear energy and also fossil fuels with or without carbon capture and storage. The campaign is a forum for discussion, education and campaigns for policies on particular issues. The main topics for debate and campaigning are the politics, economics and technology of paths that can achieve 100 per cent renewable energy for the UK.

There’s a lot of free information on this website, and you could help by sending in videos, photos of relevant topics and giving us permission to use them on the website (send us a message if you can do this). Of course to enable us to produce publications and hold events we charge small amounts for some of our material/events. We are entirely independent, and thus will be dependent on sale of services or donations. Please consider helping us by buying our first report on how nuclear power is undermining windpower, and also by registering for our founding conference (it’s a webinar). Remember that the fossil fuel and nuclear industries have massive funds at their disposal and at the moment there are very few groups overtly campaining for, and preparing the way for, a UK powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. Look on our ‘report’ and ‘launch conference’ pages for details of how to obtain the report and register for our launch conference-webinar.

Donate to our fund to commission a 100 per cent renewable energy model for the UK! Go to the link here. See our blog post discussing this here

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