Ban gas heating from new homes from 2023!

This month we are calling on the Government to make an early start (by 2023) to ensuring that all new homes are ready to be supplied by renewable electricity by banning gas heating in all new homes. Instead they should be heated using heat pumps and the buildings constructed according to ‘passivhaus’ standards for energy efficiency. The Government must immediately step up training for all relevant people in the building industry to achieve this objective.

Please write to your MP asking for gas to be banned in new houses by 2023. No slacking on decarbonisation!

Currently the Government has a target of banning gas heating in new homes from 2025. But this is a cop-out designed to pass the task onto another Government. We need an early target – 2023 is feasible.

Energy efficient buildings with heat pumps (either individually or as part of a district heating system supplied by large scale heat pumps) will cut carbon emissions much faster than any other available system.


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