Wind power was the focus of the alternative energy supply revolution in Denmark at the end of the 1970s and 1980s when local people put their heads together and developed what has later emerged as one of the world’s biggest industry. Here are some discussions of some of the contemporary issues facing wind power onshore wind

Here’s a link to a video showing the construction of the Tillymorgan windfarm in Aberdeenshire in 2015. It is an independently owned windfarm, 6.9 MW (3 xs 2.3 MW Enercon machines), put together by the Burnett family

Offshore wind is a massive resource for the UK. Please read here for more discussion: Offshore wind – a massive power resource

The UK’s largest renewable energy trade association, RenewableUK (which is principally concerned with onshore and offsore windpower) has published its vision for the future: Powering the Future: RenewableUK’s Vision of the Transition

If you would like to know sometheory and practice of how the renewable energy industry was started and how it began to grow into a big industry, see the paper by David Toke in Environmental Politics published in 2011: ‘Ecological Modernisation, social movements and renewable energy’

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