Yes, 100 per cent renewable energy in Europe can be easily done – see videos and powerpoint!

On September 3rd Professor Christian Breyer of LUT, the world-leading expert on modelling 100 per cent renewable energy systems, gave us a talk about how a 100 per cent renewable energy system would work in Europe. Subject to raising sufficient money, he will be leading a team to model 100 per cent renewable energy in the UK.

Jonathon Porritt, the leading UK green author, advocate, and organiser introduced the session. Porritt accused the representative of UK Oil and Gas of lying about the compatibility of developing new UK oil and gas fields with the UK’s net zero carbon target and said: ‘100 per cent renewable energy cannot just be seen as one of the options for the net zero target. It must be the watchword for the movement.’ His introduction can be seen HERE

Christian Breyer examined some of the detail of what 100 per cent renewable energy would mean for Europe, including how electricity interconnections, system flexibility and also long term storage would make the system workable. His analysis suggests that southern Europe would be heavily focused on solar power production whilst the north, including the UK, would get most renewable energy from wind power. His hour plus long talk (including answers to questions) can be seen here

If you want to look at just his powerpoints then you can see them below:


We are still quite a long way from raising sufficient funds to pay for the study to model 100 per cent renewable energy in the UK, so please, please please contribute as much as you can via our crowdfunding page here


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