100 per cent renewables rather than Small Modular (nuclear) Reactors Come to the webinar on Wednesday February 21st!

Leading experts will support the petition calling on the UK Parliaments’s Environmental Audit Committee to conduct an enquiry into the practicalities of a 100 percent or near 100 percent renewable energy system for the UK. That is rather than the one-sided hearing held in December for small modular reactors (SMRs).

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Professor Mark Z. Jacobson from Stanford University in California and the world’s leading advocate of 100 percent renewable energy systems will talk about the struggle for 100 percent renewable energy and the irrelevance of thinking about small modular reactors. He is author of ‘No Miracles Needed’ published by Cambridge University Press

Professor Steve Thomas from Greenwhich University and one of the world’s leading independent nuclear power analysts will talk about prospects for SMRs. Steve Thomas was one of those who submitted evidence to the EAC, but who was not called to talk.

Alison Downes is the Executive Director of the Stop Sizewell C Campaign. She will talk about the campaign to stop the monumental waste of financial and local resources that would be caused by Sizewell C.

You will be provided with a zoom link after registering. The zoom link for the webinar will open at 17.00 on Wednesday February 21st for networking, and the speakers will begin at 17.30. You will be sent a zoom link for the event and reminders after you register for a ticket. Registration is automatically assumed to confer consent for the event to be recorded. Attendees should mute unless contributing. Questions and comments to speakers should be posted through the chat facility.


We condemn the one-sided hearing on small modular rectors held by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) and call upon the EAC to organise an enquiry into the practicalities of a 100 percent or near 100 per cent UK renewable energy system

To sign go to webpage: https://100percentrenewableuk.org/evidence-on-small-nuclear-reactors-petition

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