Invitation to tender for a 100 per cent Renewable UK model / scenario

We invite individuals or research groups to tender to undertake and deliver a study of implementation of a 100 per cent renewable energy scenario in the UK that could be achieved within a net zero carbon scenario by 2050. This study should include a model of energy provision at least on an hourly, preferably half hourly basis, indicating technologies employed both at the demand side level and supply side. This should be described and analysed in a document not less than 5000 words and no more than 10,000 words in length.


The work shall be delivered at a date no later than six months after the commissioning of the work. A commitment to earlier delivery than this will be viewed favourably, as will a cost that is no more than £10,000 including expenses.

Tenders should be no longer than 1000 words in length and should include the following details, with justification as appropriate:

  1. The cost and timeline of delivering the study.
  2. Suggestions for what sort of target TWh of UK energy demand would be consumed in 2050 and the implications for balancing of a mainly electricity-based energy system.
  3. Suggestions of what approximate balance of renewable fuels would provide required energy supplies (it is assumed that the large bulk of energy would be derived from offshore wind).
  4. Suggestions of mechanisms for ensuring short term and long term means of storing renewable energy in the context of a diverse set of technologies.
  5. An intention to do costings of storage technologies and other techniques (such as inertial balancing) required to balance a 100 per cent renewable energy system. These should take into account declines in costs over time through optimisation and economies of scale.
  6. An intention to do a comparison with the costs of achievement of a net zero outcome by other means (including nuclear and/or ccs).
  7. A description of who would be delivering the study and also their relevant expertise.
  8. Agreement to the general terms as suggested above and below.

This tender should be regarded as a draft subject to negotiation and final agreement. The Directors of 100percentrenewableuk Ltd will discuss and agree a proposal with the proposers. However the work will only be commissioned once 100percentrenewableuk indicates that it has secured commitments necessary to pay the report author(s) when the work is completed.

After payment of any agreed sums for doing the study 100percentrenewableuk Ltd will have the right to publish, summarise and promote the report and the authors shall also have the right to publish the material in forms and media of their own choosing under their own authorship.

Tenders should be sent, by March 31st, to David Toke at:

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