Revolutionary community energy project launched in UK

A revolutionary project aiming to fund a portfolio of community solar initiatives has been launched. Community Energy Together (CET) has launched a series of share offers involving five community solar projects around England and Wales. The share offers will allow the community to own solar farms.

The advantages of such schemes are first, energy democracy, that is a wider pool of people can be brought in to support solar power. The more individuals are involved, the more pro-solar activists there are likely to be. Very importantly, the schemes all contribute profits to the local community through support for local causes, especially for energy efficiency and anti-fuel poverty measures. Added to that the investments have an annual target return of 6 per cent on investments.

According to CET: ‘Community Energy Together (CET) is a group of Community Benefit Societies in the UK. Together, we believe in the power of community energy to generate returns for people and the planet’.

The projects that are being supported are Shropshire and Telford Community Energy, Yealm Community Energy, Kent Community Energy, Wight Community Energy and Gower Power You can find more information HERE

The total generation of all the projects is around 36 MW. The support for the share offer is being presented by ETHEX which promotes a number of community energy and other local projects. Their website is HERE

By David Toke

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