Sign our petition for Scotland to set 100 per cent renewable energy target!

It should be obvious now that Scotland can supply 100 per cent of ALL of its energy by renewables. Yet the Scottish Government has not pledged to do this yet. So let’s campaign for this commitment now!

We are asking you to sign the petition which has the following wording (in italics)

‘The Scottish Parliament should commit to a target of sourcing 100 per cent of all energy used in Scotland (not just electricity) from renewable energy by 2045 or earlier to complement the established legal goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland by 2045. This would be assumed to be achieved when a) the annual Scottish renewable energy production is a least as much as total annual Scottish energy consumption and b) all non electricity consumption in Scotland is sourced from renewable energy.’ This is necessary because:

  1. a) otherwise plans may be made for new nuclear and or fossil fuel carbon capture and storage (ccs) plants which will either not materialise or which will divert resources away from much more sustainable renewable energy such as offshore wind, onshore wind, solar pv, tidal and wave. Scotland has easily enough renewable energy potential to supply the nations’ needs and export much renewable energy elsewhere.
  2. b) the energy system needs to be decentralised rather than centralised as the case now. A decentralised system involving the integration of supply and demand through digitalised technologies fits well with renewable energy and storage systems and avoids the duplication and inflexibility of fossil fuel and nuclear systems.

To sign, access our petition page . You can access further background detail of what the 100% RE target involves here.

We shall send in the petition, together with the names of signatories (and countries of origin) to the Scottish Government.

Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland said, in support of the petition: ‘It may be just a small step, but signing this petition will send a signal that we need a genuine green energy future based on renewables rather than some failing polluting system cooked up by multinationals interested in preserving their fossil fuel or nuclear businesses under a green facade’.


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