Tory opponent of climate change measures implicitly admits wind is a lot cheaper than gas

Danny Kruger, who is quoted as organising a lobby against ‘windfall profits’ by renewable generators is implicitly admitting that renewables are a lot cheaper than gas.

Yet Kruger is a consistent opponent of measures to tackle climate change according to ‘They work for You‘ website, which lists a string of instances where he has opposed climate change measures, including the net zero target.

Kruger is quoted in the Sunday Telegraph as leading the charge against windfall profits by renewable energy firms, saying that the Government allows electricity companies ‘to charge at levels set according to the highest production costs in the market, which means the cost of renewables is being set by the gas price – which is crazy’.

The Telegraph also quotes the statement that ‘renewables are dirt cheap whilst gas is eye-wateringly expensive’ and that Johnson’s decision to fund Sizewell C is hampering the ability of a Truss Government to cut taxes.

Yes, Danny it’s crazy what is happening – and the craziest thing is that you keep trying to stop reducing fossil fuel emissions as they are obviously, by your own logic, costing consumers the Earth (in more ways than one)!

by David Toke

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