Webinar on how and why the Scottish Govt should set a target to achieve 100 per cent of ALL energy from renewables

Click here to watch a video recording of the webinar, held on December 3rd, of our first webinar (held in collaboration with Commonweal), about achieving 100 per cent of ALL Scottish energy from renewable energy.

The recording here comprises the first 45 minutes of the video featuring the main speakers.

Speaker biographies

Chair: Dr Ian Fairlie Dr Fairlie has degrees in chemistry and radiation biology. His doctoral studies at the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, UK and at Princeton University, US, examined nuclear waste materials technologies. He was the scientific Secretariat to the Government’s Committee on Examining Radiation Risks of Internal Emitters and is currently Vice President of CND.

Other speakers in order of appearance:
Dr David Toke, is a Director 100percentrenewableuk and also Reader in Energy Politics at the University of Aberdeen. He has published over 50 papers in refereed journals and seven books mainly on energy and environmental issues.. He has written widely about low carbon energy technologies and the policies used to promote them.
Dr Keith Baker is a researcher, campaigner and journalist based at the Built Environment Asset Management (BEAM) Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University. He is also a co-editor of the recent books ‘A Critical Review of Scottish Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Policy’ and ‘The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Fossil Fuels and Energy Transitions’.
Prof Susan Roaf is an internationally renowned architect, scholar and Professor of Architectural Engineering at Heriot-Watt University. She is a true pioneer in the field of adapting buildings for climate change, having built the Oxford Ecohouse and published the ‘Ecohouse’ series of books that continue to inspire new generations of architects, scientists and engineers. SEE HER POWERPOINT PRESENTATION HERE: Roaf 100% Renewables for Scotland
Lesley Hinds currently chairs Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative, and is a former City of Edinburgh Councillor who held numerous positions, including Leader, Lord Provost and Convener of its Transport and Environment Committee. Lesley is also a qualified primary school teacher and a past Chair of NHS Health Scotland.

If you live in Scotland and haven’t signed the petition yet for the Scottish Government to adopt the target of supplying all energy used in Scotland from renewable energy, please sign here!

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